The following is a non-exhaustive list of  the most frequent and important acts and procedures involving the Business Register:

  • Deposit of Articles of association or incorporation
  • Modifications to the company charter, bylaws or partnership agreements
  • Atti modificativi dello statuto, atto costitutivo o patti sociali
  • Registration, modification or termination of administrative and governance bodies
  • Financial operations such as
    • Changes in the amount or distribution of share capital or stock
    • Changes in partner or shareholder status
    • Emission or termination of bonds and other commercial papers
    • Participation and shareholding in other companies
    • Mergers and acquisitions of companies
    • Changes in company seat or in branch offices
    • Annual reports and balance sheets (for shareholding companies)
  • Initiation of arbitration proceedings
  • Registration of other dispute resolution results and proceedings
  • Registration of debt restructuration agreements
  • Registration of joint ventures or other concentrations of undertakings
  • Notifications to the Economic and Administrative Index (REA)




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Last updated: 06/08/2019