The Italian Business Register is a public database established by national law (Italian Civil Code) and maintained by the network of regional and provincial Chambers of Commerce. It contains information on all companies established in Italy. Basic profile information include the name and address of the company, company officers, branch offices, etc. Additionally, changes of ownership, insolvency proceedings and other relevant events are registered.

The Business Register is divided into two main parts, called the "ordinary section" and the "special section".

The ordinary section contains

  • businesses involved in any of the following areas: production of goods and services, movement of goods, transportation, finance and auxiliary activities;
  • consortia whose activities are not limited to consortium members but are also directed to third parties;
  • legal entities of the form EEIG, European Economic Interest Groupings (European Community Council Regulation 2137/85 and Italian Legislative Decree n. 240/1991);
  • public institutions whose sole or main purpose consists in commercial (rather than administrative) activities;
  • special agencies of local public institutions;
  • foreign businesses with branches in Italy;
  • commercial partnerships, stock companies and cooperatives.


The special section of the Business Register contains

  • agricultural businesses and entrepreneurs involved in farming, animal husbandry, forestry and related activities;
  • artisan businesses, small farmers, family-owned stores and businesses
  • civil-law partnerships and limited companies ("società semplici")
  • legal studios


Recent legislation has created the additional special sections for registering innovative start-ups and innovative SMEs.


In addition to the basic company profile information, the Business Register also contains information describing the economic activity of the company, its primary and secondary activity sectors, operating directors, and other statistical and administrative information.





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Last updated: 06/08/2019