For some service activities, a licence or the prior notice to the competent authority (the "certified notification of commencement of business” or “SCIA”) is required. If a new company is being formed, the SCIA can be transmitted together with the ComUnica declaration, so that the constitution of the company and the beginning of economic activity take place simultaneously. In fact, business activities can begin immediately after the submission of the SCIA.

Administrative procedures are handled online by the One-stop Shop (OSS or “SUAP” office) in the municipality where you plan to start the business.  The contacts and the Internet site of the competent authority, together with the relevant application forms, can be found on this site at the page Local One-stop shops.

Other useful information can be found in the  list of  administrative duties classified by economic activity (in Italian).

Additional obligations are foreseen in case of services that require the possession of a professional qualification.