For some service activities, the prior notice (the “certified notification of commencement of business” or “SCIA”) or an authorization to the competent authority is required.
The contacts and the website of the competent authority, together with the relevant forms, can be found through the One-stop Licenses and Permits office (or “SUAP” office) (SUAP) .
Additional obligations are foreseen in case of services which require a professional qualification.
A business which is lawfully established in a Member State of the European Union can provide its services in other EU Member States on a transnational temporary or occasional basis with no restriction other than the requirements set in the country of establishment; in particular, for cross-border provision of services there is no obligation to register to the Business Register or open a branch office in the other Member States.
Information on any preliminary requirements or communication to be provided to the competent Authorities is available at the above mentioned One-stop Licenses and Permits office (or “SUAP” office) (SUAP) of the Municipality where the activity will take place.
For additional information refer to the “list of economic activities, administrative regimes and regulatory references"  (in Italian) in force in Italy.

Last updated: 11/12/2020

Regulatory references (in Italian)

• Law July 30, 2010, n. 122 Conversion into law, with amendments, of the law-decree of 31 May 2010, n. 78, containing urgent measures on financial stabilization and economic competitiveness
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