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Last update: 24/10/2023

Start a business – SUAP 

Before starting the activity, the company must contact the competent local authorities  for the required communications and/or for the authorisations.

The obligations are fulfilled through the One-stop shop (SUAP) which is the only point to contact for all administrative procedures relating to the start up  and carry out the economic activity.

Through One-stop shop (SUAP), companies and self-employed persons can easily and digitally complete all the necessary steps and, in particular, submit declarations, documents, applications and requests for authorisation. 

To obtain detailed information and fulfill the requirements, insert  in the field below the name of the municipality where the activity is intended to be established:

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Last update: 23/01/2024

First contact - information service for cross-border entrepreneurs who want to contact the municipal SUAP offices

Service providers and companies regularly established in a country of the European Union can send a request for information in exclusively digitally  directly to the One-stop shop (SUAP) of the relevant municipality. It is necessary to communicate the personal data and describe the economic activity. In the case of a regulated activity, the details of the professional qualification must be given. In addition, it is possible, but not mandatory, to attach supporting documentation and specify other authorisations held by the applicant.  

The One-stop shop (SUAP) reply will be sent to the e-mail address indicated by the applicant.

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Insert a municipality

NOTE: This service is implemented in those municipalities which use the online One-stop shop (SUAP) managed  by the Chambers of Commerce - that means 4073 out of the 8,000 Italian townships. Alternate contact details will be provided in case the One-stop shop you are interested in has not adopted this service.

Locate a One-stop-shop for filing a First contact (registration and sign-in are required)