First contact - a simple procedure for European businesses entering the Italian market

Services providers can fill out a short, online form to be sent directly to the Municipal one-stop shop in the township where they would like to practice their activity, in order to gather information about relevant procedures or legal requirements. For regulated professions, additional data regarding the professional qualification shall be provided..

The municipal one-stop shop will reply within a few days and at no charge to all inquiries via the email address furnished in the online form.

NOTE: This service is implemented in those municipalities which use the online One-stop shop (SUAP) offered by the Chambers of Commerce - about 3,500 out of the 8,000 Italian townships. Alternate contact details will be provided in case the One-stop shop you are interested in has not adopted this service.

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Access the full services of Italy's One-stop shops (SUAP)

Procedures and formalities relating to access to a service activity and to the exercise thereof may be completed online through the One-stop shop (SUAP) managed by the local authority (“Comune”) of the area where the business is going to be set up.

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