Who can contact the National point of single contact of the Services Directive?

The web portal www.impresainungiorno.gov.it  is aimed at those service providers (business owners and entrepreneurs) and citizens of an EU Member State, who wish to carry out their business activity in Italy.

Doing business in Italy

European companies wishing to operate in Italy

Doing business in Italy

  • setting up a new legal entity
  • providing a service
    • administrative procedures
    • activities which require a professional qualification

Cross-border provision of services

  • free provision of services
  • regulated professions


Business in EU
Points of single contact of member state of European Union.

Services directive for internal market (thematic portal available only in italian language)

ECC-Net can provide you with advice and assistance only for cross-border consumption issues, i.e. when you buy goods or services from a trader based in another European Country.