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Italy is participating in SPOCS, a large-scale pilot project launched in May 2009. Simple Procedures Online for Cross-border Services (SPOCS) aims to build the 2nd generation of online portals (Point of Single Contact or PSC), which every European country now has in place, through the availability of high impact cross- border electronic procedures.

SPOCS will provide seamless electronic procedures by building cross- border solutions based on your country's existing systems. For example, an Italian real estate agent wants to expand his business to Bremen, Germany. The information provided by the Bremen PSC does not currently specify the Italian documents required. Will he be able to find this information from his office? Will the transaction be secure? Yes, SPOCS will allow them to do all the administrative procedures online through the Point of Single Contact!

SPOCS will provide solutions that, among others, will allow:

  • Information to be provided to the service provider that will combine information gathered from different Member States i.e. processes in one Member State related with documents from another.
  • Submission of electronic documents from different Member States that can be easily checked for their validity and their suitability.
  • Automatic retrieval of documents from a source of authentic documents in another Member State.
  • Provision of a secure communication channel from the Point of Single Contact of one Member State to the service provider of another Member State with all the acknowledgment receipts required by law.
  • Availability of e-Services from your own country's online portal through the destination country's portal.

SPOCS is supported by the European Commission (Competitiveness and Innovation Programme) and fifteen EU Member States: Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Sweden and United Kingdom plus Norway

For additional information:
• Project website:
• Starter Kit SPOCS:

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