16 June 2015

The Italian Business Register speaks English


Good news for certificates and company registration reports: you can also request them in English. To promote the internationalization and facilitate relations with foreign countries. is a portal provided by the Italian Chambers of Commerce which enables web access to the information contained in the Business Register, the Defaulters Register and the patents and trademarks data bank. The special feature of this service is the source, setting it apart from other data banks and websites: the Register of Companies, a reliable, official source with the full backing of legal guarantees.

Along with the Italian version, both official certificates and company reports are also available in English, thus offering foreign investors more opportunities to quickly access official information on any Italian company registered at the Chambers of Commerce.

Information include a legal profile of the company (headquarter, registration and founding dates, name of the company, legal representative and other officials), description of economic activity (based on NACE code), company assets, quality certifications, number of employees.

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